Running/injury update!

Began my day with a 10k run (sadly no negative splits today) started out way too fast but managed to finish without issues. Then headed over to my favourite Yoga for Runner’s class at Luke’s Locker.
After I stopped off to check out the shoes as advised by the Doctor and lo and behold… I hadn’t even been running in the right kind of shoes. (My oldies had actually been causing the pain and problems). Doh! The guy (John) was super patient and helpful and talked me through the various types of shoes, listened to me moan and then told me exactly what I needed to run pain free!
I now proudly own 2 pairs of runners – pair A – Saucony Guide 8 and pair B – Nike Zoom Structure 18 QS. I wasn’t too sure about the appearance of the Nike’s but they fit so well that I stuck with them. Both shoes have the stability to keep my foot from over pronating. I donated my old pair to their charity pile – hopefully somebody will get better use out of them!
I’ve also bought some new socks as the magic sock monster ate my old ones. Oh and runners glide! (Yeh… These longer runs in shorts rather than 3/4 or tights are causing some unpleasant chafing (which I’m sure I’ll start to experience under the arms too at some point).





Westchase Local Farmers Market.

I was dying to write about this last night but had to go visit a friend who has been unwell and by the time I got home it was late.

The Westchase Farmers Market has been running about a year; it is located on Rogerdale and Westheimer in the corner car park of the church (Just past BW8) every Thursday from 3-6pm in the winter and 3-7pm the rest of the year.

There are about 23 stalls that show up each week now with a whole variety of products to sell – from food products to bath salts and even gifts.
I bought my first bunch of multi coloured carrots (the kind they show on the front of “Oh She Glows” cookbook. I was so excited!! I also bought a whole bunch of other homegrown veggies from a farm from Spring (Local, fresh and organic!!! It doesn’t get better than this!)

(Update: My boyfriend ate some of the carrots from the fridge and declared they were the most delicious things he has ever tried! WINNING!)

I also bought some super snazzy bathsalts all home made and smelling gorgeous! Very friendly people at the market and a very relaxed atmosphere! I also bought homemade German cookies and cakes (to die for!) sold by the lovely and super kind Julie. (I had originally written in a story of human kindness but now I’ve had to delete it for various reasons; just know that there are still some awesome people in society). I was so touched by her caring attitude – her good heart and now the yumminess of her baked goods have won me over. If you are in the area, stop by to see her. And regardless of where you are, do one kind, selfless thing today please and help make the world a better place.



Tru Gem on the 290.

Tru Tri Sports is far enough out of town to be a fair drive (and for me to not bother in weekday traffic). However, this gem of a store, which opened in 2012 just off the 290 in Cypress is definitely worth the drive!
I’d gone with a friend to check out a bike that she wanted to look at buying if the fit was correct. The store is big and well stocked with a variety of goodies and has absolutely AMAZING sales!

I bought some calf compression sleeves (which I had been looking for over the last few weeks anyway) at 60% off. I also bought some Zoot Tri Shoes in my favourite colours (all in one go! – now I can be sporty and stylish!) and a pair of Five Fingered Vibrams at 70% off. Despite the recent negative press I am very excited to give the Vibrams a go and see if they will add any value to my overall performance. I shall be very cautionary in my introduction of them into my workouts as I want to give my body the chance to properly adapt without causing injury!

I shall post pics of my goodies later but in the meantime if you’re in the Houston locale, I suggest you get your tush over to Tru Tri and check out their store!