Houston Half

I’ve just signed up for the Houston Half with the Striders on October 29th this year. It falls shortly after Kemah which I’m doing at the beginning of October and the week before Oilman.

My friend and I have been talking about doing the Columbia Gorge Marathon on October 22nd in Oregon. If we don’t do that I am looking at signing up for the Bridge Series (Toughest 10ks and La Porte half) with a couple of running friends from work. I’d be excited to do either set and will probably still look at the Toughest 10ks even if I can’t make one of the races due to the clash. I’ve been dying to visit the PNW for a while now and we are looking at spending a few days up there exploring and camping.

I’m starting out on a 20 week plan for Oilman this week although it’s a very steady start after hurting my hip trail running at the weekend. (And whaddyaknow, I actually miss getting up early to work out this morning..)


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