Back on Track?

Well I realized it has been months since I made any effort to update this, luckily it was only a month (cough *ish*) that I took off training after my race. I had an email saying I had a new follower (yay – thank you!!!) so I thought I should get on the bike, literally and metaphorically, and start blogging and training again.

I did my Ironman 70.3 in Galveston and loved the experience! I really got into the training and made some great new friends. I have my Olympic distance in Kemah coming up in October and I’m seriously eyeing up another 70.3 (Oilman again) in Conroe.

I learned a lot about my style of getting things done from the training and racing and worked out that I want to hone my nutrition (duh…). I’ve start doing things again in the last couple of weeks to be more active again and weirdly I have realized I am way better at getting up to work out than I am at getting it done after work. I’m obviously getting old if this change has come about!

Anyway.. I worked out I have 20 weeks as of next week until the next 70.3 so I started doing things to prep pre training plan kicks in. I’m back in the pool, back in the gym and back on the bike.. now if I could just start running again, I’d be all set! Why is it so hard to get all 3 going at once? I swear it’s like juggling! I just keep dropping one of the balls (or maybe 2 as I guess nutrition should count in there too).

I’m getting better at meal prepping for a few days at a time and my fave go to at the moment is the magical 30 minute fajita prep. You just chop up the onions and peppers, drizzle them with oil and stick them in the oven at 350 deg for 25 mins. I’ve switched to buying pre cut chicken breast strips (lazy, I know, but if it means I have lunch, I’m ok with that). Those go on another tray with seasoning, in the oven at 350 for 25 mins. Then all you need to do after that is portion them out and stick the sauce and some cheese in the lunch box with them et voila.. lunch for days!!!

Anyway, I don’t want to jinx it too early but I am excited for the upcoming activities (just need to navigate the summer and potential road trips with training incorporated) so I’m hopeful that the laziness is done and I will keep up with the training again now!


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