Officially registered!

I signed up officially for Galveston 70.3 last week and am getting on with my training, now that I’m getting into it, it’s a bit better than forcing myself to do things and there’s a certain satisfaction involved with ticking off workouts! There’s an even greater satisfaction with sinking into bed absolutely exhausted (perhaps not so much the next day, though).

My bike is about to have its new chain ring fitted and new cables sorted so that’s exciting. I think I may need a new saddle though as after 15 miles I can definitely feel the discomfort.. not sure whether to grit my teeth for a little bit longer or start trying to find a replacement.

I’m off to Boston in 2 weeks so I’ve already scoped out running routes and whether the hotel will have a gym/pool so that I can get work outs in whilst I’m away (same story with NYC). I’ll be catching up with some old friends while I’m there so I’m excited to see them.

I ordered myself a box fan so I can keep cool(ish) whilst on the trainer and a couple of books on nutrition since mine clearly sucks at the moment. I began calculating roughly how many calories I’m burning with workouts and I can’t understand why I’m gaining weight rather than maintaining or losing. I’m cutting out treats for now to see if that will have an impact and going back to more careful meal prepping and food choices to see if I can help my energy levels too! Here’s hoping it changes quickly!


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