Bike fittings and fixings.

I had good intentions about posting more this year and last Friday I had intended to write something and then I got side tracked, a week later and here I am. It’s storming hard out and the weather in Texas is just crazy lately. It was -14 just over a week ago and then this week we have had tornadoes and insane storms and flooding.

Tonight I went to my LBS for their annual Bike University which they do to kick off for the MS150 which it looks like I will be doing with friends! (Need to get on that fundraising). I caught up with friends and my fave bike store buddy, Bob, who got me set up with my first road bike just over 5 years ago! I got my Cervelo P3 fitted to me and I was so excited when I got home I almost cut my finger off getting it back on the trainer. It’s late so I gave it a quick 2 minute pedal before deciding my neighbours wouldn’t be grateful if I got a ride in tonight. It’s going to have to be a daylight hours activity even with a supposedly quiet trainer.

I’ve had the new chain ring ordered and it gets here Thursday so I’ll take my bike back then and have it pro tuned and the cables replaced as well then. I’m excited to be able to get it back all fixed up and get some regular training on it rather than gym bikes.

Tomorrow is a 1h30 bike and an 1800m swim 🙂



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