Kilimanjaro and other travels!

Great news this week when I met with my boss to seek approval to lead a Kilimanjaro expedition group next year! He said yes! He’s also suggested that I take groups back to the Swiss Alps ❤ YES, PLEASE!

I sat and planned out my top wish lists for trips for 2017 over the break and I’m really excited to get planning and go exploring. I think my brother might be coming to visit in May for a couple of weeks as well which would be awesome. 2017 could be my busiest year of catching up with family in forever.

Top list of trips for 2017:

New England Road Trip – February

Mardi Gras NOLA – February

UK/Paris trip – April

Bro may be visiting – May

Memorial Day Roadtrip? Destin perhaps?

Backpacking around Asia – July/August

Germany/UK- August

Labor Day is still open!!

October is still open!!

December – I suspect my plans just changed for this so I’m going to hold tight on that for now.

Now I’d best get saving!


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