Officially registered!

I signed up officially for Galveston 70.3 last week and am getting on with my training, now that I’m getting into it, it’s a bit better than forcing myself to do things and there’s a certain satisfaction involved with ticking off workouts! There’s an even greater satisfaction with sinking into bed absolutely exhausted (perhaps not so much the next day, though).

My bike is about to have its new chain ring fitted and new cables sorted so that’s exciting. I think I may need a new saddle though as after 15 miles I can definitely feel the discomfort.. not sure whether to grit my teeth for a little bit longer or start trying to find a replacement.

I’m off to Boston in 2 weeks so I’ve already scoped out running routes and whether the hotel will have a gym/pool so that I can get work outs in whilst I’m away (same story with NYC). I’ll be catching up with some old friends while I’m there so I’m excited to see them.

I ordered myself a box fan so I can keep cool(ish) whilst on the trainer and a couple of books on nutrition since mine clearly sucks at the moment. I began calculating roughly how many calories I’m burning with workouts and I can’t understand why I’m gaining weight rather than maintaining or losing. I’m cutting out treats for now to see if that will have an impact and going back to more careful meal prepping and food choices to see if I can help my energy levels too! Here’s hoping it changes quickly!


Bike fittings and fixings.

I had good intentions about posting more this year and last Friday I had intended to write something and then I got side tracked, a week later and here I am. It’s storming hard out and the weather in Texas is just crazy lately. It was -14 just over a week ago and then this week we have had tornadoes and insane storms and flooding.

Tonight I went to my LBS for their annual Bike University which they do to kick off for the MS150 which it looks like I will be doing with friends! (Need to get on that fundraising). I caught up with friends and my fave bike store buddy, Bob, who got me set up with my first road bike just over 5 years ago! I got my Cervelo P3 fitted to me and I was so excited when I got home I almost cut my finger off getting it back on the trainer. It’s late so I gave it a quick 2 minute pedal before deciding my neighbours wouldn’t be grateful if I got a ride in tonight. It’s going to have to be a daylight hours activity even with a supposedly quiet trainer.

I’ve had the new chain ring ordered and it gets here Thursday so I’ll take my bike back then and have it pro tuned and the cables replaced as well then. I’m excited to be able to get it back all fixed up and get some regular training on it rather than gym bikes.

Tomorrow is a 1h30 bike and an 1800m swim ūüôā


Kilimanjaro and other travels!

Great news this week when I met with my boss to seek approval to lead a Kilimanjaro expedition group next year! He said yes! He’s also suggested that I take groups back to the Swiss Alps ‚̧ YES, PLEASE!

I sat and planned out my top wish lists for¬†trips for 2017 over the break and I’m really excited to get planning and go exploring. I think my¬†brother might be coming to visit in May for a couple of weeks as well which would be awesome. 2017 could be my busiest year of catching up with family in forever.

Top list of trips for 2017:

New England Road Trip – February

Mardi Gras NOLA – February

UK/Paris trip – April

Bro may be visiting РMay

Memorial Day Roadtrip? Destin perhaps?

Backpacking around Asia – July/August

Germany/UK- August

Labor Day is still open!!

October is still open!!

December – I suspect my plans just changed for this so I’m going to hold tight on that for now.

Now I’d best get saving!

Freaking out!

Full on freaking out tonight as I read through more of the “Be Iron Fit” book and tried to pick out my training plan. The race is 12.5 weeks away and even though there’s a month between the Olympic and my HIM I am panicking tonight. There is literally nothing left between me and the race. 

2017 needs to be the year I get my shit together but you’d think that by now I would have already semi sorted that!? When do adults actually grow up? Do they just wake up one day and have it sorted?!

Here’s hoping that tomorrow I get my plan sorted as I’m well aware I was fast tracking on the IM training plans and that’s only going to end in misery and injury! 

Happy New Year, 2017 edition!

happy-new-yearAnother new year! I should have posted a couple of days ago but I’ve been honing my procrastination skills in 2016! (Getting pretty good, can’t you tell). A friend of mine told me I should blog about my adventures at the party we were at for New Years and at first I thought she just meant travel but she expanded to say all of it. I haven’t shared my blog with her yet but it did make me think “yeah, I want to get back on that” so here’s to trying to update and make more regular time to fill in the blanks with training plans, neat recipes I found, my travel adventures and everything in between!

Today I am reading up on Being Iron Fit and looking at training plans and swim workouts as the training for Galveston 70.3 needs to kick off in earnest.

I had dinner with a friend last night and we were talking about training, weak areas, bikes and coaching. I’ve previously done the “pre season tri dot” where you are assessed, get given a training plan and work from there. Every so often you do an assessment and they update your numbers and plan accordingly but the interaction with the coach is by phone or email. I think I’d quite like a group to train with and personal interaction if I’m going to be forking out for coaching. I finally feel like I’ve got the “love” and determination back to do this race so I don’t just want to flunk out on it. A couple of friends are training with a local group and have been encouraging me to join – I guess now it’s just biting the bullet and going for it (here’s to making new friends!).

I’ll share my goals for 2017 when I have them finalised!

IMG_3933.JPGHere’s hoping that your 2017 is bigger, brighter and full of health, happiness and love!

Happy New Year!