Marathon ready?

In just under 4 weeks I’ll be running my first full marathon… somewhat daunting but a good friend is running with me and it’s a goal I’ve had on my list since I was about 13.. what did I know at 13?!

Anyway in the craziness and adrenaline pumped getting ready I may have committed myself to run Austin which is a great deal hillier than anywhere around here.. oops!

I’m excited to prep for it because it’s something I want to do for me and there aren’t outward influences from others, just me! I also want to prove to myself that I can indeed run a full marathon, there may be a slightly crazier thought of going on to race a full ironman distance lurking in my head somewhere. I swam at the lake on Saturday and chatted with a friend who is doing IMTX in April and I may have looked at registration costs this morning along with training tips and plans.

My concerns are about how busy my life already is and how much time I would have to dedicate to quality training (a minimum of 13/14 hours each week apparently). Also.. I hate biking right now, I can’t tell you why but I’ll happily go run or swim but I just want to pout and fold my arms about the bike.. perhaps because it’s my weakest discipline and there aren’t many safe areas to bike around here. But if you don’t get back on it, how will you improve?

Also, Galveston 70.3 is only a mere 3 weeks before IMTX.. that’s not long at all… hmmm…

Other exciting things that have happened this last week were my new 920xt arriving – nothing like some new kit arriving to spur you on!


Time out is over..

I haven’t blogged in ages and I’d held out on updating until now because I didn’t want to jinx myself. I didn’t do that many races this year because I wanted a break and also because we all know how quickly the race fees etc. add up and I needed to stop killing my bank account. My motivation seemed to take a bit of a holiday around this time on all things racing too. I carried on working out with a friend and was going to the gym most days, even planned to work towards a few things on the schedule and voila.. magically my motivation has returned and I’ve picked a few key races that I want to aim for!

I’m currently training for the BCS marathon at College Station (TX) and working in the direction of doing Galveston 70.3 to finish what I started a couple of years back.

I’m super pumped to be working out on a regular ish schedule again – it still needs work and polishing but I’m motivated to go on my own again and to get up early to go which is a big feat for me. I feel like my independence is coming back now.

I have a couple of friends who said they would come out and cheer for the marathon which is pretty exciting and the Alaskaman race came up in conversation after an amazing day at the Houston Air Show (Air Station Houston). A couple of my buddies have offered to Sherpa and come and support if I decide to do the race so who knows.. maybe 2018 will hold an exciting trip to Alaska (or maybe just a regular trip to Alaska).

My purchase of the week was a Garmin 920xt which I’m so excited to start testing and using! I want to actually use the data and see how I get on with my training!

Anyway, I need to go to sleep now so I’ll make my early morning training (and there’s bad weather that rolled in with the time change so need to allow for traffic even at 5am)!