Hurts so good! 

My first time at Crossfit this morning and it was great fun! The people and the instructors were really friendly and helpful – a really nice vibe and I didn’t die! I can already feel my shoulders so I can pretty much guarantee that I will be immobile by tomorrow morning.

 I managed 50 full ab mat sit ups which could definitely have finished me off – I have no core (yet) but this is all part of the journey getting to where I need to be for October 30th and December 11th (Austin 70.3 and BCS marathon).

As you can see I left smiling so it obviously couldn’t have been that bad! 😉  



Return to the grind.

I have just landed back in H-Town after 11 days out of the country. I can’t even put into words how amazing the trip was. I had hoped to run whilst away but alas that didn’t happen. I did manage to swim once but I was physically active for most of the trip so I shan’t be beating myself up too much about it.

I’ve come home motivated to get back into training and also realising my perspective has changed quite a bit again. The one thing I really wish I had done for my trip was pack a journal so I could have recorded some of my reflections and thoughts because I know after a week here they will disappear into the chaos that is daily life.

At some point I will share some of the landscape photos that I took whilst away but for now I need to keep busy to fight the jet lag and stay awake for another hour or two at least!

It’s the starting that counts…

Week one of 2016 is almost done and the New Years resolutioners are out in force. The park was ridiculously busy on Monday and the gym has been packed all week too. I applaud the efforts and hope that they continue past January but I also secretly hope that the rush hour will either move times or to different locations as it can be a nightmare.

My workout buddy and I have a game of naming our fellow workout companions and then “spotting them” on consecutive workouts. There are plenty of new nicknames coming up and it’s mildly entertaining when we aren’t too busy giggling about how silly we look doing the different exercises.

I’m not kidding myself that I’m in any sort of shape starting off this year but I was dying during the core exercises yesterday. I fully expected to not be able to move this morning but it was only like a mild case of flu… Tonight is leg day so I doubt I’ll feel the same tomorrow morning!

 Anyway.. The moral of the story is that starting is the important part of the journey (continuing is obviously next).


Indoor tri.

An exciting start to the year which I think may have become a tradition for our little group now; the indoor tri with lifetime fitness. A timed event where you swim for 10 minutes and they count your laps and then you have 10 minutes transition to make it safely to the bikes where you pedal to your hearts content for 30 minutes and the last part is 20 minutes on the treadmill! 

It’s a fantastic event to introduce newcomers to the world of triathlon and get over some of those first race nerves. 


 (Before we started the swim with our cheerleader, Princess S.)  
 (Before we started the run)

I beat my personal goals which I set for each section with distances for each discipline respectively: 500m, 8.7, 2.25. I had aimed for 20 laps which I managed, to beat 8 on the bike and to at least make 2 on the run!

The staff were great and so were the facilities. I would recommend it to everyone!

Next up on the race calendar is Kemah Olympic on the 24th April and I may be signing up for the MS150 ride from Houston to Austin (over 2 days) with a friend. That’s after we do a test ride in a couple of weeks to see how it plays out! 

Happy training!