Houston Marathon!!!!

So I had a bit of an accident at work today and I fell on the keyboard and accidentally entered all my info and signed up for the full Houston Marathon!!!! Eek! 

I also went for my first outdoor run since my injury in March in honor of National Running Day, although I’m disappointed that there weren’t any big events going on at Memorial Park like there are normally. I walked a 2 mile stint after unexpectedly bumping into a friend (yay for great surprises) and then he had to leave so I started to run and ran into my physical therapist who gave me a high 5 and off I ran! 

I started way too fast and wasn’t even close to being used to the heat so faded fast. Halfway around the loop I had to walk for a bit and then continued slow running to the end. I felt virtuous for having managed 2 loops of varying speeds. Better get my tush back out there and start running full loops if I’m going to manage Austin 70.3 and Houston 26.2!!!


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