Houston Marathon?

Tomorrow is National Running Day!!! I was given the green light to try running at the weekend so I hit the gym and did a slow mile Saturday and a slightly quicker 2 miles on Sunday. I had physio Monday and back again tomorrow. Today I saw the specialist and I have to go back in a month to check in to see if I need an MRI to look for any ligament/tendon tears. I’m feeling very positive today so I’m hopeful that I should be good without the MRI.

My group of buddies has decided to sign up for Austin 70.3 so I think I have reset my 70.3 goal for November 8th. One of my super tri friends (L) is talking about signing up for the Houston marathon and so is my PT. I have been considering it but training for long runs mid week and then super long runs at the weekend will be my downfall. I am not good with motivating myself to go that far alone so tomorrow will be the deciding day and potentially the sign up day for Houston 26.2 2016.

Who else has new goals or upcoming races?


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