Update in the form of confession.

I have tried and failed on several occasions to update or post to explain what craziness has been going on in my world but I think I just needed to take a step back.

I got very involved in my training which pretty much sidelined my will/want to do anything else when I got home late in the evenings and then fatefully I had an accident at work which sent me screaming and crying straight to the emergency room. I fell and couldn’t stand or put weight on it or anything. It was agony.

I went in all hopeful and determined but sadly I was unable to do my big race on April 26th. It was an ankle injury that happened just over 6 weeks ago and has me in a big fancy boot and attending physio. I had readjusted my hopes to thinking I could maybe be part of a relay but it was all sold out and then a local Kona competitor (yes, hardcore man!) said “Why would you be so stupid to even attempt it when you’re injured?” And yes, the guy was totally right – I wanted to be badass and not waste all my training but you know what… I will be able to compete in something else because I didn’t kill myself or permanently injure myself in this race!

I’m down but I’m not out.

I’m perhaps retraining my sights on Austin 70.3 as an alternative race depending on what progress my ankle makes in the coming weeks. Right now I don’t have a normal range of motion but I’m working on it with these ‘fun games’ my physio guy keeps making me play (I tell you they are only fun for him as he laughs at how ridiculous I am with my lack of balance and coordination!).

So that’s my update for you! I hope to get back on here now that I’ve offloaded my deep dark secret and rid myself of the shame and loathing!