Comparing Yourself.

We all do it. We all compare ourselves. We never quite measure up to the next person, or fall short in some area. We compare ourselves to the pros, the elite, the best of the best or that person at the park who had run 6 miles by the time we had finished one.

We get caught up in the vicious cycle on envy and what ifs, being cruel to ourselves and punishing ourselves if we don’t make the grade. It doesn’t matter what form it comes in – berating; putting yourself down; pushing yourself harder on that next workout even though you’re tired, it doesn’t help.

So how about you start comparing yourself positively, because nobody is ever likely to stop.. compare yourself to you. Look at where you started and where you are now. Think about all the effort, blood, sweat and tears, the time you have put into your training and meal preps and early morning workouts and start to think about that before you want to compare yourself to someone else.

The majority of athletes aren’t athletes to become elite or to reach those highest levels, it’s a personal challenge or self improvement. So why would you compare yourself to them?

Same goes for a new sprint triathlete – when you’re training, you don’t compare yourself to an Ironman.

Let’s start comparing positively. Did you get out there and do your workout that was on the schedule? Yes? High five! Doesn’t it feel awesome? Who benefits you? And who suffers if you compare yourself negatively? You?

I’m not saying that a bit of healthy competition and comparison doesn’t do you good, but like all things – moderation!

Now get out there and do your workout and if you want to truly feel amazing, think of the millions of people who just won’t bother today, or tomorrow, or the next time!


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