This week has been tough, it’s been bleak and wintery and cold. I’ve been missing the UK a lot. I started a blog post earlier in the week but the week carried me away with ‘to do’ lists and other things which needed my attention more than this sadly.
My aunt was diagnosed with cancer this week, something that didn’t fully sink in on the day, but the next day.. yes. It has hit me pretty hard and it’s felt awful being so far from home and my family. I’ve lived abroad an awful lot so it’s not like I’m not accustomed to it and/or the hardships but this week has felt particularly trying.
I had an intensive workout Tuesday which kicked my butt (and my legs) and I hadn’t been out since because work had me busy and then I had some nasty gastric flu. Anyway tonight put me right, I got out and did my 3 easy miles and felt much better for it. It’s boiling again in Houston much to my dismay. I definitely prefer running in cooler weather.
I’ve found myself another running buddy from my book club so I’m pleased to have another person potentially to call if I’m running.
I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy weekend!



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