Gift ideas for the athlete in your life

Last minute gift ideas from various prize ranges for the athlete in your life!

Race entry
Pair of shoes
Race belt
Box of bloks or preferred energy source
Tri kit – all in one suit or 2 piece
Tri wetsuit (if in doubt go for sleeveless rather than full, and be aware you will need some personal information – height/weight etc)
Yoga mat & DVD
Flag running shorts or shirt
Flag goggles
Ice packs
Tri book
Cycle course DVD
Tri swim DVD
Training sessions with a coach
Heart rate monitor (whole kit or just strap)
Training DVD
Personalized shirt or hoody/sweater
Compression socks or sleeves
Transition bag or towel
Pair of sunglasses
A snazzy cycling helmet and/or case
Photo print of them in action (make sure it’s a flattering shot)- you could frame it or make a collage of several photos
Indoor bike trainer
Display case for medals/race numbers
Quilt made from non dri fit/non tech race shirts

Or some of these things could be cool stocking fillers!

Other stocking filler ideas :
Ear plugs (the waterproof kind)
Race tats
Gift card to the local tri shop
Socks (the sporting kind)
Swim cap
Pull buoy or kickboard (ask at a sports shop if you’re not sure)
Beanie or ear warmers
Running gloves
Body glide
Individual gu shot or cliff blok packets
Head torch
Reflective shirt or light up running strips
Pair of headphones
Race distance sticker or magnet
Alarm clock (who doesn’t want to be reminded they have to get up at stupid o’clock for training everyday or a race)

I’ll post some specific recommendations and links later. If you have questions or ideas drop me a line!

Remember there are local tri shops out there who would love your support.



Fantabulous winning weekend!

Well… where to start? I’d been prioritising work this week in the lead up to the break in the hopes that the chaos wouldn’t drown me but I haven’t forgotten about you all or my blog. In fact, I’ve been dying to get on here to update everyone about recent events.
My TriDot Training schedule came through (EEK!!!!) and I’ve begun kicking my butt out of bed at some ungodly hours of the morning to ride (about as far as I’ve managed with morning workouts this week). Don’t want to overdo it before a couple of very long days at work and then finalmente the break!
I’ve got quite a lot to get in and it turns out from my assessments that my weakest area isn’t the running like I would have thought.. it’s actually my biking and my goodness is it bad!

Saturday night was the Christmas Party for my tri club (exciting!), HRTC. I went along without any expectations or ideas. Got there and each member gets a free raffle ticket for the general raffle and one for the GRAND raffle.

3/4 of the way through I’d lost hope and then my ticket was pulled and I won a general prize (whatever pick from the table) so I went for a coupon for some sunglasses. I was very pleased! Then I joked about the grand finale… anyway.. MY NAME GOT PULLED! I won the grand prize! I was so shocked, I was in utter disbelief. I won a Wahoo Kickr bike trainer with add -ons of HRM and Cadence meter. They also very generously gave me a free entry to Jeff and Bredes tri next year!

Needless to say Monday AM (because Sunday was a real outdoor ride), I was up and cycling at 5am on the bad boy that is my Kickr. It has definitely been incentive to get up early and work out. (Still trying to work out how to avoid feeling drained during the day).



So how to improve?

Consistency in working out regularly and mixing up the levels and intensity of workouts. And despite the quote, it doesn’t matter if you have a bad workout, what matters is if you keep getting out there.


Planet La La.

So the more I work out, the better I feel; except…. my brain is going to mush! I’m going cray cray! I can’t remember anything and I can’t stay focused on anything during the day. It’s starting to drive me insane and I’m pretty sure my friends think I’m nuts too! I literally wander off topic in the middle of a sentence and then forget what I was saying the next. I’m probably trying to do too much but I feel like I’m being realistic with my time and demands. I’m prioritizing getting my butt to the park on the days that Nike and Hal Higdon tell me to (it’s working so far).
I got some awful pains in my right calf/shin yesterday and today – think I tweaked something before I warmed up. Hot water bottle and ice need to alternate I think!

Anyone else find they are losing the plot?


This week has been tough, it’s been bleak and wintery and cold. I’ve been missing the UK a lot. I started a blog post earlier in the week but the week carried me away with ‘to do’ lists and other things which needed my attention more than this sadly.
My aunt was diagnosed with cancer this week, something that didn’t fully sink in on the day, but the next day.. yes. It has hit me pretty hard and it’s felt awful being so far from home and my family. I’ve lived abroad an awful lot so it’s not like I’m not accustomed to it and/or the hardships but this week has felt particularly trying.
I had an intensive workout Tuesday which kicked my butt (and my legs) and I hadn’t been out since because work had me busy and then I had some nasty gastric flu. Anyway tonight put me right, I got out and did my 3 easy miles and felt much better for it. It’s boiling again in Houston much to my dismay. I definitely prefer running in cooler weather.
I’ve found myself another running buddy from my book club so I’m pleased to have another person potentially to call if I’m running.
I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy weekend!